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Back to the news list28 June 2019

Carré Environnement !

Notre étiquette environnementale de 2019 est enfin là !

Our team is very happy to announce the environmental impact of the Carré Py ‘Hôtel ***.

It’s a B! This result proves that the daily actions of our team are bearing fruit: Change of products on the breakfast buffet to limit over-packaged food, purchase of organic and eco-labeled products, switch to LED lighting in all bathrooms, better control and management of heating systems, controlled water consumption …

Every employee has a role to play in his job for our environmental objective. All actions for the planet, even innocuous, such as cutting a radiator before airing a room, take the stairs instead of the elevator, send invoices by mail instead of printing … the accumulation of these attitudes green will make the difference and limit the impact of our activity on the Earth.

To have a B for result is already good but must not satisfy us because there is still much to do. For this voluntary environmental control we chose the BetterFly Tourism organization , which for the past 3 years has been evaluating us and urging us to continue our efforts, while meeting the expectations of our customers who are sensitive to this approach.

See you soon for new environmental news!