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Back to the news list8 February 2023

Valentine’s Day menus 2023 – Bagnères de Bigorre

Discover the menus of our Bagnèrais Restaurateurs for Valentine's Day!

Exceptional menus concocted by our Bagnérais Chefs to celebrate your Love with a capital L !

Restaurant La Fabrique du Terroir

3 Bis Av. Maquis de Payolle, 65200 Bagnères-de-Bigorre

05 62 91 15 51

Menu at 45€ per person

Reservation before 12/02/2023

“Sunset” cocktail and appetizers:

Prawns marinated with Espelette peppers, flambéed with Cognac

Black pudding tart tatin from Casa Eht

Trout tartare from the Pyrenees with ginger

Crispy goat cheese with honey


Veal fondant (cooked at low temperature) larded with black pork belly, reduction of juice with herbs

Tarbes bean cream

Zucchini caviar with fig chutney


Hot chocolate cake

Verrine of passion fruit sorbet, white chocolate tuile with almonds

Salted butter caramel canelé

Raspberry crunch

Restaurant L’Assiette de Juliette

22 Boulevard Carnot 65200 Bagnères de Bigorre

05 62 91 97 16

(Take-away menu: 42€ per person; Pick up between 6:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. on February 14)

On-site menu : 62€

Cocktail by Juliette and appetizer by Romeo


Roasted scallops, champagne and saffron sabayon from the Pyrenees, citrus razor clam condiment


Filet of veal, butter with fresh herbs, strong cooking jus, arborio rice with parmesan, glazed salsify and chanterelle mushrooms


Tasting of cheeses from the Pyrenees, selection of M. Nebout, sour cherry gel and Espelette pepper (suppl. €7)


Le Glamour: Almond shortbread, creamy red fruits, lime raspberry gel, yogurt ice cream and crushed sugared almonds

Restaurant La Table du Cinq

5 Route de Toulouse 65200 Bagnères de Bigorre

05 62 37 02 95

Served for lunch and dinner –

In 3 stages (starter + main course + dessert) 50€

In 4 stages (starter + 2 dishes + dessert) 60€

In 5 stages (starter + 2 dishes + cheese + dessert) 65€

Appetizer & House aperitif


Stuffed Conchiglies / Trout from the Pyrenees / Creamy Prawns / Green Oil


Crispy-melting veal sweetbreads / Spoom of foie gras / Salsify


Veal tenderloin cooked at 54°C / Black Bigorre pork chorizo crust / Reduced chanterelle jus


Turbot fillet cooked in mother-of-pearl / Cockles / Saffron emulsion


The Ossau Iraty in two ways


Vacherin pear, passion fruit and Timut pepper


Choco-caramel and tonka bean pebble

Restaurant Le Jardin des Brouches

1 Boulevard de l’Hypéron 65200 Bagnères de Bigorre

05 62 91 07 95

Served for lunch and dinner – 65€ per person (unchanged)

Aperitif : Vine peach cream, Procseco

Butternut bisque, mustard cloud,

Duck foie gras toast, onion chutney


Bar with scallops, risotto with two celery,

Cuttlefish ink crumble


Supreme of roasted pigeon, candied drumstick,

Sweet potato pancake, ceps cream


Passion fruit, dark chocolate, crunchy coconut paste